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Students are in a special situation in life. In comparison to their non-student peers, they may experience certain dependencies (on parents, due to finances, etc.).The distance between between home and the place of study can result in a loss of their social group. Furthermore, they are expected to take personal initiative, be self-confident and self-disciplined. In addition they might also experience a potential life crisis.

Not all students can cope with all these changes by themselves. The Association for Student Affairs of the Anterior Palatinate offers psychotherapeutic assistance in cooperation with resident psychologists (Germersheim, Landau), a social pedagogue (Worms) and the psychological counselling center of the Association for Student Affairs Mannheim (Ludwigshafen).

Counselling in Germersheim, Landau and Worms is free of charge. After the free  initial consultations in Ludwigshafen, a flat fee 80 euros for 8 sessions will be charged. Naturally all consultation sessions are subject to the rules of professional secrecy.

In order to avoid waiting times, it is advisable to arrange an appointment as early as possible.