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Mensa Vital

High standards meet fresh food

Many Studentenwerke (Associations for Student Affairs) throughout Germany offer dishes under the brand name mensaVital. These have been prepared with particular attention to preservation of vitamins and with a focus on low fat ingredients, using only natural ingredients without flavour enhancers.
Thanks to the balanced, tasty, and filling dishes, mensaVital has proven that a healthy diet and tasty food are perfectly compatible.

During lecture period, mensaVital meals are available every Tuesday and Thursday in our four canteens - at the regular student-friendly price.

What is mensaVital?

mensaVital is a line of meals developed by the Studentenwerke. One mensaVital serving has a maximum energy value of 750 kcal. This value corresponds to the caloric needs in one meal for a sedentary adult.
The meal line was developed, among others, by cooks and ecotrophologists and with regard to nutrition-physiological aspects. The range of dishes is constantly being expanded and improved.

Balanced range

  • fresh and natural ingredients
  • vitamin-preserving and low-fat preparation
  • high-quality fats and oils
  • fresh herbs instead of flavours and flavour enhancers
  • no fried or breaded dishes
  • regional products where possible

Every Tuesday and Thursday during lecture period in all canteens at our promotion booths.

Further information: www.mensavital.de