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How much does a meal cost? Can I pay by card?

How is the price for students in canteens calculated? Why is it so cheap?

In short, students pay for the products (i.e. the food that ends up on the plate) and only a part of the preparation costs. The remainder is financed through state grants or rather through the students’ social contributions - this is called the "principle of solidarity". The real value of a meal, calculated without including grants and contributions, is many times higher than the price students actually pay.


In Germersheim and still in Landau, students can buy meal tickets (also in larger numbers) that can be used to pay for one entire meal. There are also plans to introduce non-cash payment methods in the canteens at these universities (Landau: From 18-09-24). The universities want to introduce cards for non-cash payment that include a variety of additional functions, so that they can be used as student cards, payment cards, library cards etc. This multi-functionality and the obligation to adhere to data protection directives makes the procedures involved in introducing these cards more complicated than it would be for regular payment cards.

The universities in Ludwigshafen and Worms have already introduced chip cards that students can use as an alternative to cash-payments in the cafeterias. In canteens, however, students have to use their chip card since that is where their "student status" is stored, which in turn is a requirement for cheaper meals.

Charging chip cards in Ludwigshafen

You can charge your StudiCard in the terminals in building B on Ernst-Boehe-Strasse and at the cafeteria cash desks in building B as well as on Maxstrasse.

Charging chip cards in Worms

Since the winter semester of 2015/16, students and employees can pay using their student or employee IDs in the canteen and cafeteria. You can use one of two terminals to charge the chip in your ID card: in the canteen, using cash; at the terminal in building A, room A 031, using your EC (debit) card.

Charging chip cards in Landau

You can pay in mensa and cafeteria from 18-11-02 estimated. Early enough we'll announce the locations for charging (via ec card).
Watch further informations here at the end of August, 2018 and at the homepage of the university of Landau.