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Delicious meals with fresh ingredients

One could say that freshly prepared food defines a good meal. Fresh food is delivered to our canteens on a daily basis, while storage is mostly limited to dry goods (e.g. pasta).

Thanks to their know-how, experienced chefs prepare meat, fish, vegetables, and side dishes right in time for lunch. They do not cook in advance, but continue cooking throughout lunchtime so that everyone can enjoy a freshly prepared meal - even students that don’t arrive until 1 pm.

The canteen in Ludwigshafen is currently supplied by Germersheim, but there are plans for a new, self-sufficient canteen as well. Head of the canteen, Axel Gaeversen, gives the dishes a personal finishing touch so that the guests in Ludwigshafen can enjoy "their" cook’s skills. And as of 2018, he will be cooking entirely by himself.