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German-French photo contest 2017

Landau, “defending champion”

In 2017, CROUS, the German Studentenwerk (Association for Student Affairs) and the Franco-German Youth Office will once again organise a photo contest. The topic this time is “Kontakt / Contact” (German and French for contact). In the last contest, a student from Landau was the lucky winner of the cash prize and a trip to Paris.

For more information about the contest, contact Mona Fuchs at the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz (Association for Student Affairs of the Anterior Palatinate), Department of International Affairs or the German Studentenwerk (Association of Studenten-/Studentenwerke), the DSW.

There are EUR 1,000 to be won and the best photos will be shown in exhibitions in Germany and France.

Champion: student from Landau wins German-French photo contest 2015

The 2015 contest was won by Anita Straub, a student from Landau. She studied the subject combination mathematics and fine arts as part of a secondary school teaching degree. In the German-French photo contest, with the topic “tandem”, she won a trip to Paris and a cash prize. The contest, which took place at the end of 2015, was organised by several German Studentenwerke and CROUS (Centres Régionaux des Œuvres Universitaires). She has completed her degree course in the meantime.

StW: Congratulations on winning. Why do you study in Landau?

I chose Landau because of the opportunity to enrol in fine arts. I love the region and the wine route, I am a wine enthusiast. Landau is not too big and everyone knows everyone else here on campus.

StW: Where did you live during your studies?

I lived in the residence hall of the Studierendenwerk for three years, at Godramsteiner Straße 50. The price was reasonable, the atmosphere was good and it’s not far from campus.

StW: How did you find out about the contest?

A visitor to my master’s thesis exhibition told me about it and he said he thought I stood a good chance.

StW: What is your relationship with France?

I have many friends who study French or live in France. And I’ve been to Paris three times.

StW: And now you can go on another trip. Since when have you been interested in photography and what equipment do you use?

10 years ago I bought my first digital camera. I always enjoyed taking pictures, but normally for personal use. When I started studying, I needed a real reflex camera, as it offers more possibilities to design and influence the result. Furthermore, I wanted my work to be more artistic. When I was studying, I attended seminars such as ‘digital imaging’ which later also became one of the focuses of my art studies and the topic of my master’s thesis.