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383 rooms in two housing estates

Not only is Landau increasing in popularity as a university town, it is also home to over 7,500 students. With its 46,000 inhabitants, the streets of this major city in the Anterior Palatinate thrive with student life during the summer. Thanks to the State Garden Festival, which took place in 2015, the city centre was made to look more attractive. New residential buildings and squares were constructed, the river Queich – close to the municipal library at the old slaughterhouse – was made accessible,and private investors arranged for houses to be built for wealthy owners from the wider region.

In an article, the FAZ (Frankfurt newspaper) describes very nicely how attractive both the Anterior Palatinate and its major city are - here in the so-called Tuscany of the Palatinate you can find the boulevard to paradise.

Rising rent prices prove to be a downside of this attractiveness. For this reason, the moderate and relatively stable rent prices of the approximately 400 rooms offered by the Studierendenwerk (Association for Student Affairs) in the Quartier Vauban and in the Godramsteiner Straßeare not only important as an offer per se, but also as a corrective for the private market.

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