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Quartier Vauban - named after the fortress builder

The housing estate "Quartier Vauban" is located at the southern entrance of the city in the conversion area of the same name. Until the beginning of the nineties of the last century, the area was used by the French army. Temporarily, more than 20,000 servicemen were stationed at Landau. In 2013/14, three architecturally ambitious residential buildings were built by the association for 173 students. In doing so, the development area close to Weißenburger Straße was finalised. The buildings offer comfortable apartments and rooms in small shared flat

  • single apartments, shared flats for two and four persons
  • shower, toilet and sink
  • kitchenette with refrigerator in the apartment
  • bicycle storage room
  • washroom with coin-operated washing machines and dryer
  • telephone, cable or satellite connection in every room
  • car park
  • Move-in dates are the first of April and the first of October every year
  • photo gallery