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Day care centre ‘Lindwürmer’ located on campus of the University of Worms

The blue crèche group offers childcare for 10 children between the ages of 0 and 2 years and the green mixed-in-age group offers childcare for 15 children from the age of 2 until they start school. Only full-time childcare is available. The children are provided with breakfast, a freshly made lunch and then with a snack in the afternoon.

Our housekeeper prepares a fresh lunch for the children every day. The food is exclusively prepared with regional, seasonal and organic products and the meal plan is based on the nutrient-optimised Fit Kid programme (programme for the promotion of healthy nutrition) for healthy and balanced child nutrition.

Admission requirements:

  • one parent is enrolled at the University of Worms
  • one parent is employed at the University of Worms
  • residence in Rhineland Palatinate


  • 1 social worker (specialisation elementary education)
  • 4 state-approved nursery teachers
  • 1 vocational apprentice
  • 1 volunteer
  • 1 housekeeper
  • 1 cleaner


Vocational training of apprentices:

Working on site is part of the vocational training for nursery teachers. Our team is supported by nursery teachers doing a work placement, volunteers taking a gap year, trainees becoming social assistants and block apprentices. Generally, guidance is provided by the respective nursery teacher of the group who is qualified in practical guidance.