Our educational work is based on the educational recommendations for day care centres in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Social Code-Book (SCB VIII)

In a joint effort with specialists, we have outlined the foundations of our pedagogical work in the day care centre ‘Villa Unibunt’ below. This concept reflects both our current and real conditions and, in the medium term, will be adapted according to the further development of the day care centre.

We base our actions on the pedagogical conception that children are self-acting and self-sufficient individuals who learn independently and are guided by internal motivation. This conception describes our idea of a child.

The day care centre works in accordance with the pedagogical concept and its situational approach developed in the 1970s. This concept serves as a tool to accompany and support the children entrusted to us in their development.

The fundamentals of our pedagogical activity are scientific insights describing how and by which means children learn during early childhood and the importance of the recorded areas for the children's education.

Children get an impression of the world, leaving the adults with the task to support them, accompany them and provide them with the essential circumstances and impulses. For this purpose the ‘Villa Unibunt’ has been setting up educational places, where children can grow and learn independently.

Transitions affect how a person develops. A child’s first transition from family-life to the day care centre is a life-changing experience for them, and plays a role in how children will deal with transitions in later life. Both staff and parents have the mutual task of creating a positive environment. Future transitions, such as moving from nursery to the mixed-in-age group and from the day care centre to school, are carefully prepared and accompanied by specialists due to their importance in a child’s development.

Successful education requires the cooperation of adults. The staff in the day care centre work together with the parents –experts of their own children – as partners in the ‘Villa Unibunt’.

The staff from the various groups constantly exchange their professional experiences. They discuss and give each other advice in order to create the best conditions possible for the children’s individual development .

The day care centre ‘Villa Unibunt’ is both a teaching and learning organization. Constant further development is essential to us and therefore contributes to our concept of quality. This perspective continues to guide us.